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sweet birthday messages Awesome Web site, Continue the useful work. Thanks for your time.
Jeff Wagner(non-registered)
Do you ever do photography classes or private tutorials for a fee?
Michael J Lang

Your Mom is such a joy! Marion is loved by all! I look forward to my kiss on the cheek every day!
Avery special thanks to you and your staff at Townsend House. My mother (Marion Kinkuski)seems to be doing well there and likes it. I talk to her frequently by phone and she lets me know what's happening.

I know we made the right decision for her and God found us the "perfect" place" for her to live like a quess. Thanks for all you and your staff do!

I hope to be back out from OK in the summer. The pictures are beautiful and it's so nice of you to share them with us.
Nancy Kinkuski-Strong
Michael J Lang

Thank you so much for those kind words….looks like you have your hands full with your creative outlets as well! You are very wise to follow Sarah and Robb! Sorry to her of your surgery/injuries, but glad you now have relief. From my website you should be able to create wall calendars, books, mugs, blankets…anything. Best of luck to you and your husband!

Lynne Creighton(non-registered)
I am in awe of your photography, the creativity that your eye seems to catch at every instant, and your bravery to go out and just do it!! I am a singer, dancer, choroeographer, and 8 month paleo coached by following strength and rock Sara Fragoso, and Robb Wolf. My husband is an amature photographer and would love to give himself more time to got out and expolore more with the lens! I have just had a very intense lumbar fusion surgery on 11/26 that kept me on the table of over 7 hours! I feel fantastic with still a long road ahead, but the pain is gone! Hoo-Rah! Do you do wall calendars? Congratulations on your incredible work and keep a goin'!! Peace and hugs, Lynne Creighton :>)
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